As a starting point, one of the significant benefits of Wells Fargo personal cards is that you get phone insurance. The only other cards that are eligible for most people where you see similar benefits from are going to be the Uber card, as well as the Chase Ink Preferred card.

For this perk, all you need to do is to pay a $25 deductible, and you can make two claims a year per 12-month period of up to $600 per application. This benefit reimburses you for damage or theft to a cell phone. To get this perk, all you need to do is to pay off your entire phone bill using this Wells Fargo Propel credit card. 

This benefit does not apply to cell phones that you rent, borrowed, or that are part of a prepaid plan. This basically means that you need to pay for the phone outright.

Earning Points with the Amex Propel Credit Card

By using this card, you're going to get 3X points back for eating, drinking, riding and driving, flying and staying, and listening and watching. Basically restaurants, gas stations, rideshare, transit flights, hotels, homestays, car rentals, and streaming services. You also get 1X points back on everything else, which isn't that exciting.

The Wells Fargo Propel Amex card’s annual fee is $0. This feels like one of those all-around cards, and it does well in a lot of different categories. The points are worth 1 cent per point if you want to redeem them towards cash back, but the exciting thing is that Go Far Rewards has mentioned that if you have the Visa Signature card from Wells Fargo, you can actually get about 1.5 cents points to 1.75 cents per point depending on your spending. Be aware though that this is only true if you apply it towards travel, but 1.5 cents back for travel equals about 4.5%.

This means that if you have that other card it kind of puts it into splitting range of the Chase Sapphire Reserve. If you’re someone who spent a lot of money on that Wells Fargo Visa Signature card - more than $50,000 in a calendar year - then you're getting 1.75 cents per point instead of 1.5. This brings the return on spend to 5.25% per point, but most people in this community probably aren't going to spend that amount. It’s just something worth considering if you're playing the long game.

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Perks and Benefits

With the Wells Fargo Propel Amex credit card, you are protected with an extended warranty that doubles the original warranty of one year or less for items that are eligible and were paid for with the card. Eligible items are also covered against damage or theft within 90 days of purchase.

For travelers, if your luggage is lost you will receive reimbursement. If you rent a car, you are protected against loss and damage and have access to roadside assistance, travel and emergency assistance, and emergency cash advances.

 Your credit card has a Zero Liability protection for unauthorized transactions, uses modern chip technology that makes it more difficult to hack, and you get Rapid Alerts for notifications of suspicious or irregular activity.

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Is the Wells Fargo Amex Propel Credit Card Worth Getting?

If you're playing a two card Wells Fargo system with the Visa Signature card, then this gets pretty interesting. If you're playing a one-card system, or maybe you're just considering this card for the cell phone protection, then this is not bad of an all-around card. But be aware that there are some other better options for those specific categories. For example, the  Ducks Unlimited card, getting 5% back at gas stations as well as sporting goods stores.

This Well Fargo Propel card is pretty good though if you are someone who doesn't want to get too many cards because you would probably be getting a card for each specific category available. Other good all-around cards are going to be the Uber card from Barclays as well as the Citi Premier card.

All of the cards work a bit differently though, so you need to figure out what makes the most sense for you. Reasons to get this card would be the sign-up bonus, which isn't too bad, and there are no annual fees, so it ends up being a keeper card. You can always rely on the phone protection for a very low deductible.

Things to consider

It doesn’t make sense to grab this card if you are someone under 5/24 just because you could get the Chase Sapphire Preferred; you can always downgrade it to the Freedom card or Freedom Unlimited if it doesn't make sense after year one. Better finish off Chase first before looking into other options like this as well as the Uber card.

The sign-up bonus right now is 30,000 points after $3,000 of minimum spend in the first three months. For most people, this is going to be worth $300, but if you have the proper two-card setup, you could increase it up to $450. Wells Fargo has mentioned that they'll potentially add partners in the future. If it decides to build some partnerships and you can start transferring these points out, it's going to get pretty interesting.

wells fargo propel american express credit card fees


Annual membership fee

foreign transaction fee

0.00% introductory APR for 12 months. After that, 14.74% to 27.24%, based on your creditworthiness.



Main benefits and perks

Zero Liability

Cell phone protection

Retail protection

24/7 travel and emergency assistance, and emergency cash advances

Car rental loss and damage insurance

30,000 bonus rewards points after spending $3,000 in purchases in the first three months