uber credit card

For this review of the Barclays Uber Visa credit card we're going to start with the sign-up bonus: the Uber credit card has $100 cash back bonus after you spend five hundred dollars in the first 90 days.

uber credit card rewards

As for the annual fee for the Uber credit card, the Uber credit card has no annual fee! So this makes it a great long-term keeper to help extend the age of your credit history. In addition to no annual fees, the Uber credit card has no foreign transaction fees, so it's a great card to use when traveling internationally.

On top of that, the Uber credit card is a chip-in-pin credit card, so you should have no problem using this card at unattended terminals. Now, let's take a look at our redemption options when it comes to the Uber credit card. With the Uber credit card, while every purchase is reported, it is earning cash back. You actually earn points for your transactions. Keep in mind a hundred points equals one dollar in redemption value. Currently, you can redeem your rewards as cashback, gift cards, and Uber credit.

Cashback and gift cards redemption values start at $25, and over credit, you can redeem as low as $5, but you have a five-hundred-dollar limit per day you can redeem on your Uber credit.

Something to keep an eye on Barclays just released an absolute dud of a credit card in the Arrival Premier. What they did is they introduced the ability for those points to be transferred at airline partners, and there is a possibility Barclays could bring those transfer partners to the Uber credit card at a future time.

Some other Uber Credit Card Benefits

Taking a look at the other benefits for the Uber credit card, for a no-fee credit card, the benefits on this card are quite robust. Barclays offers you up to $600 in cellphone protection when you pay your cell phone bill with your Uber credit card. There's no cover if your phone is lost or stolen, and you can file up to two claims in 12 months. You only have to pay a $25 deductible for each claim, and with the cost of cell phones today, paying your cell phone bill with the Uber credit card and foregoing higher earning rates is an excellent trade-off for $600 in cellphone coverage.

Another benefit: you'll receive up to a $50 digital subscription credit when you spend five thousand dollars in a twelve-month period, and some of the services this can be applied to are: Amazon Music, HBO Now, Direct Now, Amazon Prime, Audible, Shoprunner, Sirius XM, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Music.  Remember: the credit will be issued on subscriptions you pay for with your Uber credit card.

So, who is it Uber credit card good for?

If you're someone who dines out frequently, this card was made for you, or if you're someone who prefers to earn cash back. This is going to be great for someone who's looking for a no-fee credit card with particularly good benefits and earning rate, and for someone looking for cell phone protection.

Who is someone who should pass on this credit card?

If you're someone looking for a credit card with a large signup bonus, or if you're someone who prefers transferable points to cashback. Currently, Barclays does not offer to transfer these points to airline partners, but that is something that could happen in the future.

So, to sum it up, the Uber credit card is a great no-fee credit card. It is one of the best credit cards on the market when it comes to dining out, and the benefits on this card are fantastic for a card that has no annual fee.

Uber Credit Card fees


Annual membership fee

foreign transaction fee

17.24%, 22.99% or 25.99%, based on your credit worthiness



Main benefits and perks

Exclusive access to exclusive events

Cell phone protection

Stream all day with a $50 statement credit