amex Platinum CardThe American Express Platinum Card is a high annual fee card, but it packs a lot of really great perks.




Large welcome bonus

The sign-up bonus is pretty large right off the bat. You’re earning 60,000 points after spending $5,000 in your first three months of having the card. Keep in mind you will be earning points that are transferable. This means that you can transfer those Membership Rewards points out to several different airlines and hotel partners, which helps you stay flexible and can give you very high redemptions on your travel.

In terms of how many points you’re actually earning, you will receive 5 points per dollar spent on any airline and you can also earn 5 points per dollar spent on hotels, but only when you’re booking those through the American Express travel portal at

The annual fee on this card is quite high: $550. You’re probably wondering “why in the world would I want to go and get the American Express Platinum Card for $550 when I can go get the Chase Sapphire Reserve and some other really high tier cards on the market with a lower annual fee?” The answer to that is quite simple: it’s because of the perks.

AMEX Platinum benefits

amex Platinum Card uber perk

On this card, the perks are quite good. You’re going to get an airline credit of up to $200 a year. You are also given a large Uber credit. Every month you’ll get $15, and in December they give you an extra $20 bonus, for a monthly total of $35, which means you get $200 a year in credit. If you’re one of the few people in the world that doesn’t take Uber or doesn’t spend more than 15 dollars a month on it, then you might want to let this card go by. But if you’re consistently riding Ubers, this is an easy way to get another $200 of value.

So we’ve got the $200 Uber credit, and we’ve got the $200 flight credit. We’re already up to $400. Where’s the extra $150 in perks? Well, if you don’t already have Global Entry or TSA PreCheck, you can get expedited screening and a credit for the application fees on your statement. That is a fantastic way to save a little bit of money.

Access to the best airport lounges

amex platinum card centurion lounge

Where this card really shines in the lounges. With the Chase Sapphire Reserve you get Priority Pass, and Priority Pass is good since it allows you to go to more than a thousand lounges around the world and get some excellent value. The American Express Platinum does even better: you also get access to the American Express Lounge program, which includes the Centurion lounges. These things are top-notch. They have really great food, really great seating and sometimes they have unique features, like the lounge in Miami where you can get a massage or a manicure.

On top of that, you also get access to the Delta SkyMiles lounges if you are traveling on Delta-marketed or Delta-operated flights. Delta lounges are available in almost every airport that Delta flies to, and they’re almost always going to be right beside where your gate is. If you’re flying with Delta consistently, or if you live in the southeast portion of the United States, you can get a lot of value just from those lounges.

In addition to getting the Global Lounge program with American Express and access to the Delta lounges, you also get a Priority Pass as well, so you get access to many other lounges all over the world.

Want more perks? Well, you get Hilton Golds status. Also, SPG gold status, which gives you that status with Marriott and Ritz-Carlton. With this elevated status, you can access many significant upgrades like suites or comps when you arrive.

The Amex Centurion Card also comes packed with all kind of purchase and travel protection coverages, as well as no foreign transaction fees. Access to premium seats for select cultural and sporting events, Platinum Card Concierge, and up to $100 in statement credits annually for purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue or are just a few of the extra benefits you will get with this card.

Who is the American Express Platinum Credit Card good for

The Amex Platinum Card is ideal for someone who is a seasoned veteran traveler; even more if you’re going to be traveling with Delta or you’re going to be staying in SPG or Marriott hotels, or someone who’s using Uber a lot. You’re going to be able to quickly recoup that five hundred and fifty dollars annual fee and enjoy all the other benefits and advantages this card has.

The American Express Platinum Credit Card is one of those cards that’s been around for a long time. It’s globally recognized all around the world and is an excellent option.



Annual membership fee

foreign transaction fee




Main benefits and perks

Uber rides

American Express Global Lounge Collection

Purchase protection

Fee credit for Global Entry or TSA Pre

Prefered event seating

Platinum concierge